I want you, and I want you forever. One lifetime is simply not enough for me. 

Hook being 100% done in 4x01.

Kristen Stewart + Mood Board (Insp)

Kristen Stewart || Cannes 2012


                                                            you brought me h o m e

Sometimes the best book has the dustiest jacket and sometimes the best teacup is chipped.”


it’s not a sunday unless you completely waste it then feel really sad around 8pm


Happy 27th Birthday, Isabella Marie Swan Cullen | 9/13/1987

I’ve always felt out of step, like literally stumbling through my life. I’ve never felt normal, because I’m not normal. I don’t wanna be. I’ve had to face death and loss and pain in your world but I’ve also never felt stronger…like more real, more myself because it’s my world too. It’s where I belong.

Kristen Stewart photographed on January 27 (2012) in Los Angeles (x)

"And so her choice in kissing him came from a realisation that she might be safe with this person and he might really be what he says and follow through with it – which I think is a scary thing in life, it still freaks me out. And it’s a lot easier to keep your guard up and say ‘I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care’ than to actually like someone  – that’s, pretty terrifying. “

                                            — Jennifer Morrison [x]